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25 Years in the Making

Tarpon River Boatworks

Tarpon River Boatworks was forged from 25+ years of experience in the marine industry. Our founder and CEO, Todd Meyer, started his path to becoming a seasoned waterman as a child who spent extensive time on the water with his father. From there, Todd built a long career in the marine industry that extended to the absolute pinnacle in Grand Prix Yachting regattas around the world. In 2014, Todd decided it was time to shift his focus from running boats and managing fleets to building a ”better boat”…

years of abuse at the hands of rough seas, long days on the water and rigid designs set him on a quest that led to the founding of Tarpon River Boatworks. Having spent the previous 15 years running nearly all manner of watercraft, from small RHIBs to large center consoles, his mission picked up momentum when he first experienced driving a large power catamaran and quickly realized its merits. Although the ride was closer to what he had envisioned it still lacked the magic Todd was seeking to bring to the marine industry…

Inspiration becomes a Mission then a Partnership

It was on a kitesurfing outing in which Todd was using a hydrofoil that gave him the smooth ride he was seeking from within the boating world. Todd’s mission was now clear, develop and launch an unrivaled hydrofoil-assisted, power catamaran. Utilizing his tier-one experience and extensive network with the top naval architects and designers around the globe, he decided the right team for the project was Morrelli & Melvin Design and Engineering.

Starting with a 24 foot prototype, they honed the platform and are now setting the new standard in power catamarans starting with fully customizable 25’ and 33.5′ platforms.  Todd and his team are excited to bring this unique boating experience to the water. We look forward to you joining us on our voyage.