Come Visit Us in St. Pete Jan.  19th - 23rd

Come Visit Us in Miami Feb 15 - Feb 19 - Sea Trials on the Hour

Come Visit Us in Palm Beach Mar 26 - Mar 29 - Sea Trials on the Hour

Experience the Game Changing Difference

Upcoming Sea Trial Events

  • St. Pete Boat Show – (Jan 19 – 23, 2023)
  • Miami International Boat Show – (Feb 15 – Feb 19, 2023)
  • Palm Beach Boat Show – (Mar 26 – Mar 29, 2023)

Unique Engineering

The Foil Assist

The New Paradigm

What People Are Saying

Why Foilcat?

The FoilCat Team is relentlessly dedicated in our pursuit of the ultimate user experience accentuated by the highest performance and safety standards throughout the marine industry.


The foil greatly improves ride quality and efficiency.  Reduction in operator and passenger injury and fatigue.


Built to suit from collars to cabin tops and the engines on the back. We work with you to create your dream watercraft.



A greater range on same volume of fuel vs any other platform. Our models are 40-50% MORE fuel efficient than our market competitors.